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Utilizing advanced technology to market and sign up potential customers.

We utilize advanced technology to market and sign up potential customers. This can be exclusively online or with our service team members or third party agents signing up the interested customers during a visit to your community.

These visits will follow a marketing campaign so thus we will have defined appointments for all customers. In all, Digital Aid will have four different enrollment and distribution channels:

Enrollment can be done online and our team members will directly ship your device to your address. We will have online support to help the customer activate their new free device

We will hold community events within your community to enroll eligible customers, most of which have already applied or have indicated a level of interest in our devices and unique services. These events will sometimes involves free food or gifts, or other help and services needed by the community. One of our service team members or agents will coordinate to meet you with a defined appointment time.

We will hire larger distribution teams that are qualified within the ACP to distribute the devices

We are partnering with several charities and organizations focusing on the improvement of our customers lives, not just within the ACP but within a broader scope

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